About us


Cooling Keeps Food Fresh is a global campaign launched by United Nations Environment Programme OzonAction, Chefs4thePlanet and Global Food Cold Chain Council to celebrate World Refrigeration Day. The campaign aims to raise awareness of cooling technologies that reduce food loss and promote climate security.

World Refrigeration Day is an international initiative that raises awareness of cooling’s benefits and inspires development and adoption of innovative and sustainable cooling solutions by the public, governments, industry, and practitioners for the wellbeing of future generations. It is celebrated on and around June 26.

“Cooling matters. And keeping food safe is one example of that. Cooling is at the very heart of modern life. And the importance of cooling to the global food chain and sustaining human life on our planet cannot be overestimated.”

Stephen Gill, Founder,  World Refrigeration Day


UNEP is an Implementing Agency of the Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. OzonAction’s goal is to enable developing countries to meet and sustain their compliance obligations under the treaty.

“Cooling’s significance is sometimes taken for granted by governments, end-users, and the public. It makes many important contributions to our society, with direct connections to lives, livelihoods, health, nutrition and environmental protection. Besides its main purpose of keeping food fresh and safe to eat, your refrigerator can also be an agent of change to help solve environmental challenges such as preserving Earth’s ozone layer, fighting climate change, and promoting energy efficiency. You may not recognize it, but the refrigerator-freezer in your house or your favorite restaurant is a superstar that has a huge impact far beyond the kitchen. The Cooling Keeps Food Fresh campaign seeks to motivate the public to learn about the myriad benefits of cooling.”

Jim Curlin, Head, UNEP’s OzonAction Law Division

Global Food Cold Chain Council is an independent not-for-profit industry organization that seeks to simultaneously reduce food waste and related greenhouse gas emissions in the processing, transportation, storage, and retail display of cold food by expanding and improving access to energy-efficient low-global warming potential technology.

“Industry can facilitate the reduction of food loss and waste and its negative environmental impact by promoting greater access to food preservation technology and promoting the development and utilization of cost-effective, energy- efficient equipment with reduced environmental impact. A sustainable cold food cold chain will be an economic, social and environmental net-positive.”

Juergen Goeller, Co-Chair, Global Food Cold Chain Council

Chefs4thePlanet, the global network of information and solutions for sustainable gastronomy, is an international coalition dedicated to climate action, biodiversity and environmental protection, and the fight against food waste. It brings together food lovers throughout the world who are concerned about our planet and our health, chefs and those who act, on a daily basis, to promote a healthy and responsible cuisine accessible to the greatest number - from the fork to the plate.

“At a time when each day we increasingly exceed our planetary boundaries, and our intensive agriculture and food practices produces about one third of global greenhouse emissions, feeding ten billion people in 2050 is requiring the systemic transformation of our food system. Chefs as role models and influencers have a key role to play. Alternative proteins, seasonal, local and plant-based ingredients as well as fighting food waste are becoming more and more important in gastronomy, and cooling will continue to be essential.”

Anne Le More and Sebastien Ripari, Co-Founders, Chefs4thePlanet